Thursday, September 27, 2012

Avoid Vinyl Flooring: Detox Your House

Renovating? Avoid vinyl flooring. Older vinyl flooring should also be removed. The older vinyl get the more toxic dust (estrogen mimicking phthalates - which will bind to house dust) it will shed. This is really critical for preconception, pregnancy and young children.

All vinyl should be avoided, other sources include: conventional black out window coverings, vinyl blinds, and children's "play mats", vinyl rain jackets & boots, faux leather vinyl clothing, shoes, etc...

The Type of Flooring You Want to Seriously Think About Before Installing - Dr. Mercola

Serious Risks from PVC Flooring Revealed

If your home contains soft, flexible plastic flooring, such as vinyl or those padded play-mat floors for kids (often used in day cares and kindergartens, too), there’s a good chance it is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). One of the main problems with PVC is that it contains phthalates, or "plasticizers," which are a group of industrial chemicals used to make plastics like PVC more flexible and resilient.
They're also one of the most pervasive endocrine disrupters so far discovered. A new study conducted by Swedish researchers found levels of certain phthalates were higher in the urine of babies that had PVC flooring on their bedroom floor.1

Researchers concluded:
“The findings indicate that the use of soft PVC as flooring material may increase the human uptake of phthalates in infants. Urinary levels of phthalate metabolites during early life are associated with the use of PVC flooring in the bedroom, body area, and the use of infant formula.This study shows that the uptake of phthalates is not only related to oral uptake from, for example, food but also to environmental factors such as building materials. This new information should be considered when designing indoor environments, especially for children.”

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